Iterate is celebrating a year of providing services to the software industry. You can see from our reference section that we have many strong and healthy customers. Still, we’re always looking to get in touch with more. Perhaps it’s time to, well, reiterate what it is we’re actually doing.

Our main service today is filling roles in software development projects – we’re developers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and so forth. Not unlike other consultancies. What’s unique about Iterate’s consultants is the mindset. We are all trained and experienced in Lean Thinking – this means that we always seek to improve the way we work, as well as the way you, our valued customer, work. When we’re on your project, we do our job well, but we also make others better.

The other service we provide is advice. Customers who seek help within Lean, Scrum or who just wants to make software more efficiently and with higher quality ask Iterate for assistance. We have different solutions for different needs, both to kick off your new initiative, follow up and keeping the pace of your ongoing effort.

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