Iterate Work-Out

Inspired by General Electric’s concept, described in the book called “The GE Work-Out” by Ulrich, Kerr and Ashkenas, we have carried out our first “Iterate Work-Out”. Work-Out is a concept where the organization uses it’s employee’s creativity to solve problems. We used it to look at our organisation while we’re growing. What can we keep doing and what do we have to change as Iterate is becoming a mid-sized company?

So, every single Iterati went to Trondheim for a full day of brainstorming, action planning and decision making. The outcome of the day was formiddable, with big decisions made and plans laid out for localization, reception of new employees, new areas of responsibility and more. We’re already looking forward to the next Work-Out, which is our take on continuous improvement.

To round of the day we went to NTNU, the university, and taught Lean Software Development to students there. They were very interested in the topic and wanted to learn. At least we choose to believe that they came for the learning, not only for the beer and pizza afterwards.

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