About Iterate

Software developers, business developers and project managers working as consultants. We work for IT intensive organizations with abmitions to disrupt it’s customers with innovative products and services.

We call ourselves Iterate, because we’re a bit lazy and like to work with just a few, small tasks at a time. And it makes a good basis for our  brew, which we call Biterate.

We have an awesome charcoal board in one of our meeting rooms, and we try to solve most of our problems on this board. If there are no problems to solve, we just draw silly illustrations instead:



Places where you can also find us:

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  1. Fin blogg folkens. Finnes det en RSS-kanpp for oss som bruker Google reader som vindu mot verden?

    • Hei Anita,

      vi er glade at du liker bloggen. Jeg har lagt til RSS knappen (høyre, under Kategorier) og RSS er også tilgjengelig på blog.iterate.no/rss .

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