The Iterate Garage

We don’t foilware our work anymore, sorry, but no can do.

Instead we have turned ourselves into The Iterate Garage Enterprise Edition. We are the Action Team that builds new revenues, shares knowledge and lives in a tornado of learning loops in the commercially harsh and real world together with billion dollar corporations. When we are wrong, we learn and create the next iteration of ideas based on reality and live “build – measure – learn” loops.

Consultants have turned into product owners, customer journey specialists, prototyping artists, brand managers, experience designers, business developers, business model architects, or a combination of the above. Developers sit side by side with product owners and experiment designers.

Our managers have been turned into Experiment Designers, CEOs, Chief Commercial Officers, Head of Customer Voice and Chief Corporate Entrepreneurs.

We build and we cry – we build and we laugh – we build and solve real peoples problems.

And we love it.

Best Regards

Torve Indahl


I am a serial entrepreneur focusing on innovation in large enterprises and I head The Iterate Garage Team. 

“Want to learn more about how Lean Startup worked for other established organizations? Sign up for free Lean Startup School!”: (in Norwegian)

Know your feedback loop – why and how to optimize it

If you always write perfect code, know how to predict the future and don’t care how your money is spent, you don’t need to read this. The rest of you need to know this stuff.

What is a feedback loop?

A feedback loop is the path your assumptions travel before they are validated or invalidated. Naturally you will have different feedback loops for different assumptions. In this post we will discuss three levels of feedback loops that should be easily recognizable. They are:
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