Flow: The idiosyncrasy of awesome engineers

“Earth to Anders! It’s the daily stand-up!”

It felt like being a boy again, hearing my mother calling me in for dinner when it finally was my turn to be Darth Vader.

I didn’t want to attend that meeting. Agile was great, but I wanted to code. To learn my tools. To be an awesome engineer.

Two weeks into my first iterative project, I was in conflict with myself.

It came unexpectedly; not only was this an agile project – I finally had the chance to code Enterprise Java using this innovative IDE with refactoring tools and other sophisticated code manipulation features called Eclipse. The project of my dreams, in other words.

(You guessed right, it’s some 10 years ago.)

My team and I had also read books about agile methodology, and we just loved throwing away late testing, early specifications and other anachronisms of the checkered past of software engineering. Our focus was on feedback: We had daily stand-ups, long retrospectives and pair programming.

But there was a snag:

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