Hitchhiker’s Guide to… GAMIFICATION

Keep It Simple, Make It Smile!

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.

You find the fun and snap! the job is a game.”

— Mary Poppins


As a matter of perspective, to be able to understand “What is Gamification”, it’s better first to go through what it is not! Then we shall continue talking about this topic in a broader perspective.

Gamification is…

  • Not just for marketing or sales

  • Not just Points, Badges and Leaderboards

  • Not making everything a game

  • Not rocket science! Ha!

What is it then?

There are plenty of experiments going on about this topic, together with the challenge of making a definition for this emerging area. I took the liberty of picking a simplistic definition which was mainly coined by Kevin Werbach.

Gamification is…

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