Developers, start thinking about design!

by Alexandra Leisse | | @troubalex

This is a written and slightly tidied version of the lightning talk I gave at this year’s Javazone.

We designers have long been told that we should learn how to program in order to really understand the medium we’re working in, and to develop a common language with developers. While I believe this to be true, I also believe that it should go both ways.

I regularly encounter a number of misconceptions about how to work as a designer. Let’s get those out of the way first:

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Know your feedback loop – why and how to optimize it

If you always write perfect code, know how to predict the future and don’t care how your money is spent, you don’t need to read this. The rest of you need to know this stuff.

What is a feedback loop?

A feedback loop is the path your assumptions travel before they are validated or invalidated. Naturally you will have different feedback loops for different assumptions. In this post we will discuss three levels of feedback loops that should be easily recognizable. They are:
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